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#ESCChat #8 School Counselor + Principal Relationship 6/6/13

This week's #escchat was moderated by Tamica Collard (@TamicaCollard) and the topic was School Counselor + Principal Relationship. The American School Counseling Association has been researching and emphasizing the importance of this relationship over the past few years, so it was a very important topic to discuss! As always, here is the chat transcript and the summary is below.

Q1: Why is it important for the Principal/Counselor to have a good working relationship?
  • Student SUCCESS! Both want to see students succeed. When working together we have a better chance at making a difference.
  • If Principal, teachers and counselors have a collaborative relationship with the same vision things go well.
  • Fortunate to have that shared vision with my principals and it often eliminates the need to over communicate.

Q2: What does an effective Principal/Counselor Relationship look like?

  • A collaborative relationship that is built on mutual trust & respect that creates a shared vision impacting student success.
  • Respect, trust, goes without saying. A pleasure to go into work.
  • Important elements in the P/SC Relationship are effective communication, collaboration, respect and shared vision.
  • If you are following best practices and know their vision it is a piece of cake. Recipe for school and student success.
  • Trust. They don't check up on you every minute. In a poor relationship, I find that happens.
  • Regular staff development helps. If I know their vision I tweak mine to fit.
Q3: What are some barriers to a successful Principal/Counselor Relationship?
  • Time to collaborate & communicate. Not a clear understanding of each others' role.
  • Not taking time to meet. Assuming things. Lack of clear school vision.
  • All our grade levels have regular meetings with admin, but often the counseling team meetings can get lost in the mix.
Q4: How can school counselors help principals to better understand their role?
  • I think it helps that we have PowerSchool to document things. I put discipline things in and they can see what I did/vice versa.
  • When they don't have time to listen..... bad things can happen.
  • Having close and regular communication with principals is very helpful. We can then mesh our goals and building goals as well
Q5: Where are some areas of job responsiblity where Principal & School Counselor may overlap?
  • Discipline when they are out, leadership. Setting the tone with kids.
  • Situations related to discipline, our roles can get mixed up.
  • I agree, we are often seen as next in line when they are out which can cloud our role.
  • Counselor working as disciplinarian is not my ideal but the team must work together
Q6: What personality/professional traits do school counselors hope for in their principal?
  • Student focused! 
  • A good principal has a strong consistent vision, is a leader, listens, is visible, models, gives feedback and trust. 
  • Clear vision and ability to inspire others to meet that vision. Communication. Consistency. Empathy.
  • Strong leader who can let you just do it. Understanding and encourager. POSITIVE ATTITUDE.
  • Listening is such a hard skill to learn but so valuable.
  • Mutual listening, collaborating and having shared goals for kids is a great relationship to have.
Q7: What personality/professional traits do principals hope for in their counselor?
  • I think this really depends on how principals view the counselor's role.
  • Initiative, good communication skills, flexibility.
  • Strong leader/collaborate with staff, a presence in the school, visionary.
  • Someone who can engage varied audiences - kids, parents, teachers, community. Innovative. Patient. Problem solver.
  • Empathy and inspiring... 
  • A good counselor loves kids, is a reflective listener, is empathetic, consistent, and develops individual and building goals.
Q8: What can we do to improve the Principal/School Counselor Relationship?
  • Listening as a part of communication. Some people have a difficult time with this. It takes practice.
  • Trust, communication, shared vision, mutual support, positive environment.
  • Set a regularly scheduled time to collaborate.
  • Brainstorm and collaborate as much as possible. Attend PD together.
  • It all starts with communication & trust as the foundation of a relationship. Build a shared vision & collaboration from there.
  • Results. Use data to show your value. That's been a challenge for me but its one of my goals for next year.
  • Humor. Willingness to not take everything so seriously and just band together sometimes.
Q9: How can Principals & School Counselors formally/informally measure the impact of their teamwork? 
  • Can it be measured?? You can see and feel it in the school environment. Maybe by result of shared goals.
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  1. Great conversation and an important topic. I would add: Making the relationship a priority as one way to make sure it is successful. Because developing a good working relationship is fundamental to so many other things, both parties must see this relationship as a priority and set aside time to communicate.