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#ESCChat #6 5/23/13 Tech Savvy School Counseling

This week's #escchat was moderated by the fabulous Danielle Schultz, owner and operator of School Counselor Blog and a huge advocate for tech savvy school counseling! As always, a full transcript for this chat can be found here and the summary of questions and answers is below. 

==>Q1: What is one technology tool you use each day as a school counselor and how?
  • Does the ipad count? I use it for lessons, taking notes, researching stuff quick, my calendar, my to-do list....
  • I use the student data portal to check student attendance and grades.
  • Google docs for creating forms, collecting data, etc.
  • My favorite tech tool is @googledrive! I love that I can easily collaborate with others! I use it daily!
  • We are also working on using an excel spreadsheet to track student attendance and collect data on school performance.
  • Google drive/Dropbox/Sky to collaborate as a department on various curriculum, scheduling and presentations. Love it!
  • I use excel for all of my tracking, scheduling, notes I'm hoping incorporate iPad in the future!
  • I also use EZ-Analyze time tracker every day, too
==>Q2: What is your favorite tech device or tool to use for collecting data? Share how you use it.
  • I love creating surveys in @googledrive forms! They are very user friendly and are able to be embedded into a website!
  • Right now I use iPad and One Note. I still have to transfer the info but it is handy and easy to access.
  • We also use survey monkey.
  • Ez-Analyze's Time Tracker is a great way to track hours. I also love google docs for surveys-I did 4 surveys this week alone!
  • Check out the blog post by @andreajburston about using an iPad for Minute Meetings using google forms:

==>Q3: What is your favorite tech device or tool to use in individual counseling? Share how you use it! 
  • Sounds silly, but I got a lot of use out of a simple timer app on my phone! 
  • At this time, I've only used a few websites with games-usually anti-bullying stuff.
  • A countdown of how much time they have left in your office helps them to transition. Plus who doesn't love funny alarm sounds?!
  • Check out this list of apps that @andreajburston suggests for#schoolcounselors! She is the #schoolcounselor iPad guru!

==>Q4: What is your favorite tech tool or device to use in group counseling? Share how you use it 
  • I like using wordle and tagzedo to summarize what we've learned/explored/talked about. My 4th/5th grade girls love it!
  • Wordle
  • I also use fotovidea to make slideshows. It is great to pass on to the boe and admin
  • I like using Prezi to do short lessons or presentations in a small group or one on one.

==>Q5: What is your favorite tech tool or device to use in classroom lessons? Share how you use it
  • @prezi! I can throw together a quick prezi to intro or review a lesson.
  • I use a program called Guidance Direct. It is for career and college planning.
  • I recently was trained in the basics of using a @SMART_Techinteractive whiteboard! It was really cool!
  • Interactive whiteboards can be a great tool for#schoolcounselors to utilize in the classroom!
  • I also am an old fashioned PowerPoint girl.
  • has tutorials and tons of resources! 
  • My university offers FREE trainings for faculty and grad students!
  • We have promethian boards. I use it for scheduling.
  • Another brand of interactive whiteboard is @PrometheanUSA they have tons of info/resources on
  • Next year I am getting a large screen tv that they are supposed to link to my iPad so I can use it like a smartboard. 
==>Q6: What area of your job do you wish you could integrate technology into more?
  • I would set two goals. One would be my planning. This summer I plan to explore ways to organize time, collect data, etc. 
  • Communicating to parents
  • Planning on going to the @ASCAtweets #asca13 conference? Lots of tech tools will be shared in Web 2.0 & Tech Smackdown session!
  • The Harlem Shake App for iPhone is awesome.
  • I used it to make a video for our kids for a Pep Rally. It's free, easyset up and creates a video for you.
  • Don't forget abt @scopeistech4scs for tech needs!
Do you have school counseling tech ideas to add to the conversation?? Comment below or tweet using #escchat hashtag! 

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